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MRM-accessories for both ladies and gents. We offer everything from classic vintage to re invented up-cycled designs. Our goal is to make great design and fashion elements affordable.


A look at the history of men's fashion and style. Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Gatsby style accessory icons. How to's and color print match up advice.


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Demystifying the Cufflink

Tracy Xavier

First step: Throw out all of the Rules. If you like the concept of cufflinks, wearing art on your cuffs, there are some great options for you. Let's talk about the cuff styles.

1) Traditionally, cufflinks are worn with a french cuff shirt. This is a double layer of cuff. A rather formal look. Stiff fabric can support a fairly heavy cufflink, where as a ladies french cuff may be of a lighter weight fabric so the cufflinks need to be lighter weight as well. French cuff shirts lend themselves to either a post style cufflink, a chain style cufflink or a mesh wrap.

2) Most shirts have a barrel style cuff with a sewn on button. A single layer cuff. This is where it gets interesting. To create a more casual look, there are several ways of working with this style of cuff so that you can Rock the Cuff Art.

a) You can snip off the button on a cuff and have your tailor create a button hole so that your barrel cuff would then have two holes to work in a cufflink.

b) If you really want to keep things versatile in your wardrobe shirt options, Just throw on a pair of our New Mag Linx™! Super strong magnets used to create one of a kind designed cufflinks with a silk covered back button. Just open up your barrel cuff and add your links to your cuff.


Imagine the possibilities! As a bonus, these cufflinks can be worn separately on other pieces of clothing, just like our Mag TAK™. Wear it on your hat, your jacket lapel or your scarf.

Mag TAK™  &    Mag Linx™

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