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MRM-accessories for both ladies and gents. We offer everything from classic vintage to re invented up-cycled designs. Our goal is to make great design and fashion elements affordable.


MR & MRS Renaissance Private Collection

Hand-curated, unique accessory finds for men and women.

Mr & MRS Renaissance

Shopping for yourself or someone else, his & hers all in one place

Top Picks

Mad Men Mod, billowy silk striped oblong scarf in hot pink, cappuccino and tangerine

Mad Men MOD billowy silk oblong scarf. Striking stripes in hot pink, tangerine and light brown. Real sexy soft! If you are like me, you look at this type of print and colors and instantly go to Twiggy, Go Go boots and Big Loop Earrings. Classic Mod

Shown with one of our Mag TAK "Chick Magnets". Wear as a Hat Pin...Scarf Brooch.....Lapel Pin....or as an embellishment on one of our choker necklaces!
4 products for the price of 1!

For some creative ways to wear scarves, check out my Pinterest page:

Measures 17" x 70"
Gift Packaged

Please check out our new Etsy store just for the ladies:

Brilliant lemon yellow Guilloche enamel with silver Indian elephant and scalloped edge design. Magnetic pin Mag TAK

Brilliant yellow enamel Guilloche with silver metal inset Indian elephant design. Mag TAK magnetic pin. Wear as a tie tack, scarf pin, or lapel pin. Silk covered back button.

Mag TAK™ Vintage Up cycled magnetic pin. Made with powerful magnets so you don't ruin your lovely silk scarves, tie or lapel.

Measures a tad over .5" / 16mm
These are gift packed in a little box lined in vintage silk.
Polished with Renaissance wax prior to shipping.
Renaissance Wax is a brand of microcrystalline wax polish that is widely encountered in antique restoration and museum curation.

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Authenic Antique Victorian painted black glass embellishment on a slip style gold dipped brass tie bar.

1800's Antique Victorian Black Glass Upcycled gold slip style Tie Bar. Painted glass in Red, Green & Yellow.

Measurestad shy of 2.5 " long.

Glass buttons first appeared in the 1500s but did not become popular until the mid-1800s, entering their heyday after the death of England's Prince Albert in 1861. Queen Victoria, in deep mourning for her husband, wore nothing but black, including black buttons, until she died in 1903.

All tie bars are gift packaged in a little box lined with vintage neckwear silk and tied up with a manly tweed yarn.
Polished up with Renaissance wax

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Vintage silk, horse & carriage pocket square in a deep teal blue with contrast stitch edges.

Vintage silk fabric, Horse & carriage silk pocket square or scarf. Deep teal with details in yellow, red and blue. Contrast edge hem. His or Hers pocket art. No jacket should be without a bit of art in the pocket. Pair it up with a Mag TAK.
Measures 10.5" x 8"
Tie a little rubber band around the bottom and Stuff.
Packaged in tissue, cellophane and wrapped up with a fluffy yarn.


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Lemon drops! Silver metal mesh wrap set of cufflinks. Authentic Old school classic.

Lemon Drop: Vintage Silver mesh link cufflinks. Pop of mod yellowsexy chain link cufflinks
Tad over 3/4"  All polished up.. A great addition to your collection.

Crisp white french cuff, navy yellow pocket scarf. #Don Draper
Comes packaged as a gift.

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